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Customer Reviews & Stories

Definitely professional and nice friendly staff. We have problem while we were on freeway, so we get off and randomly picked this repair store.

They helped us immediately and fixed the problem perfectly.

- Yiding S. From Yelp

I've been dealing with them since 1995 and have always done me right. Lloyd the own is a great guy with the utmost integrity! My Dad owns a towing company and repair shop in California so I know a good shop when I find one. Again no need to look further! They also are a AAA authorized repair shop!

- David M. From Yelp

I have had several repairs and maintenance stops done at A & H Transmissions and they have done a great job - even took care of a small problem when we rolled into the driveway after hours on Saturday and one of the owners was inside doing paperwork. He took care of our issue and sent us along on our way out of town on a trip!

- Kathy from Hartland

OK so here it is summer and my car tends to overheat when it's hot and I'm waiting for that red light to change. As my car is ONLY 10 years old (not dog years) and only have 141000 miles on the odometer, I kept wondering why it's overheating. As I sat puzzling this problem, I open the mail and LO & BEHOLD is a coupon for a radiator flush. AND it's less than $100.00. How can this be? Usually I get these deals AFTER I have the work done. You too,huh? Then the old light bulb gets brighter!! DUH!!! They rebuilt my trannie a few years back and I was pleased with the cost and work. Yep - I'm definitely Polish!! And blond to boot! I call and set the appt. for this morning. But wait!! I just found another coupon over the weekend while cleaning out that nasty "junk" drawer we all have for an additional $ 10.00 off!! How can this be? Where did it come from? Did the service gods look down and see that I needed some help? Nah - the hubby forget to tell me about it and just put it in the "junk" drawer. Personally, I think it actually was the service gods but... So, this morning I take my car in for its D & C, in by 10:00 a.m. and out by 11:10 a.m. I thought this was a really short wait and was glad to pay my bill (less the add. $ 10.00) and get back home. Not once did anyone come out and try to sell me a service or part in order to wring more $$ from me. And the guys were friendly and polite. Plus the place is spotless with tons of miniatures cars displayed and Route 66 paraphernalia on the walls. While I waited, I had to get rid of the mornings coffee. Ladies - the bathroom was CLEAN!!! No grease or oil anyplace. Floors were so clean they shined. I actually thought I had entered the Twilight Zone or that Candid Camera was filming once again. (Boy, did I just date myself or what?) Yes, I do recommend this repair place to any person wanting a clean shop, excellent service, terrific staff and to leave with a sense of well-being that their car was just serviced by the best folks around.

- Nancy H. From Yelp

Good old fashioned American customer service. They go out of their way like the old service stations used to...something that sadly no longer exists today. I was so pleased by their willingness to go the extra mile for me...1st time I had used their service because of convenience from where my car broke down. Now I will go there no matter where I am...I highly recommend this repair shop, just a pleasure to do business with!

- Susieacresthree at SuperPages.com

I've had several repairs done at A & H and they have always had good prices and good service. I won't hesitate to use them again next time my car needs service.

- dhartma4 at SuperPages.com

WOW! A full repair shop that does not talk down to females! I had to have my transmission rebuilt and had my car towed to A & H. My contact person, Jeff, kept me informed of everything they had to do. Each question was answered succinctly and I was never made to feel inferior. I would recommend this company for all of your auto needs. I know I will use them again when I need service on my 1999 vehicle. Thanks for the great service!

- Nancy H. at Yelp.com

This shop does all transmission maintenance and repair on our family car fleet. We have 4 family cars. A & H did a complete rebuild on our minivan for much less than the other quotes and provided the best warranty.

- Jimmy Dean at Yelp.com

Locally owned and operated. They do all of our commercial limousine inspections, and do all transmission services. Excellent personal service and prompt with repairs. Very modest prices compared to others in the area.

- Limousine at Yelp.com

I called this shop because they sent a flyer with a special on transmission service. They were so nice on the telephone that I was happy to schedule an appointment. My daughter took the car in and they treated her with respect. They told her exactly what they found to be wrong, what additional services were needed, how long she would be able to continue driving without getting the service and just how much the additional service would cost. They also pointed out a couple of additional things that needed to be watched. I had to call them when another vehicle of mine broke down and they were again very polite and very honest. I really appreciated the service I received from them. I will feel comfortable taking all of my vehicles there for any type of service.

- m1g0dd3ss at YellowPages.com

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